Le Plage

Feel the fineness of the soft sand while walking on Ethno beach. Let the deep blue Mediterranean waters embrace you with peace. Let the warm rays of the sun gently reach the beach, meet with a sweet breeze and touch your skin. You are the star of this ritual.

Ethno Hotels Ethno Plaj Card
Plaj Kart 2

Main Pool, Kids Pool, Wave Event Pool, Santorini Pool, Indoor Pool, Indoor Kids Pool, Casita Swim-Up Pool, Main Building Swim-Up Pool, Villa Pools

Ethno Hotels Ana Havuz Card2
Ethno Hotels Ana Havuz Card

7 Kids Slides, Splash Tower, Snake Tower, Sprey Action, 8 Adult Slides, Hill Slide, Crazy Cone, Body Slide, Multislide, Tunnel Freefall, Black Hole Slide, Rocket Tunnel, Body Racer.

Ethno Hotels Aqua Park Card